OGame Winner
The purpose of this web site is to help the Ogame community players by providing various tools (CR Converter, Spy Converter, Evolution, IPM Simulator...). I'm also a player so I decided to create a tool unit allowing to help the OGame players in their daily tasks... Come frequently visit the site because it is in constant evolution.
10-04-2008 - Moon creation and destruction simulateur v1.0
This tool permits you to simulate :
  • the moon creation
  • the moon destruction
10-04-2008 - Graviton simulateur v1.0
This tool permits you to simulate the graviton technology research : you will know in advance how many sats you need and how this will cost.
14-11-2007 - Official opening of the english version of OGame Winner web site
Hi everybody,
Today I'm happy to announce to you official openning of the web site OGame Winner. On this web site you will find various tools in order to help you in the conquest of the OGame Univers.
Tools already developed are :
  • CR Converter
  • Spy Converter
  • IPM Simulator
  • Evolution Costs
These tools are developed for 0.78 version of OGame. For more d'informations on these tools take care to consult the section helps.