CR Converter
Help - CR Convertor v2
1. Description
This tool is used to convert your CR and recycling reports in a more readable format to be posted in the forums. It has several fonctinnalities (images, smiley, recycling, consumption...) which will be thereafter detailed.
2. Instructions
Steps to follow to convert a CR :
  • Paste the CR in the first text field "Combat Report". Several reports can be converted at once.
  • Configure the options in the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the the "Convert" button. The converted report is showed in the second text field "Converted Combat Report".
  • Once the report converted, it is put in the press paper of Windows automatically (no need to make CTRL-C manually). If this functionality is defective then use the button "Copy".
3. Functionalities
3.1 Attacker
Attacker parameters :
  • Alliance : Enter the name of the attacker alliance without putting hooks.
  • Smiley : Choose the attacker smiley.
  • Show attacker's name : Valid this checkbox to show the attacker name. Otherwise it will be replaced by XXX.
3.2 Defender
Same as attacker.
3.3 Options
  • Show date and hour : Valid this checkbox to show the attacker name. Otherwise it will be replaced by XXX.
  • Show technology : Valid this checkbox to show the technology (Weapons,Shields,Armour).
  • Show planet coordinates : Valid this checkbox to show the coordinates.
  • Show in quote : Valid this checkbox to show the converted message as quoted message.
  • After battle message : his text will be posted in the middle of the fight and will be used to comment on the combat. Caution: If an image is present in the Image field After battle then this field will not be taken in account (the image will be posted in the place).
  • Battle Smiley : Choose the smiley to represent the battle
  • Models : It is possible to choose the model (each model gives place to a new presentation)
  • Standard : Standard presentation
  • Draduated : The fleets are represented in graduated colors(Attacker in yellow, defender in red)
  • Compact : Compact presentation
  • Consumation : Chack the case "Attacjers fleet consumption" to activate this option. Then enter your parameters (Technology + Fleet speed)"
  • Losses : It exists 2 options :
  • Take in account the deuterium in the losses
  • Only 30% of the lost defense is taken in account
3.4 Pictures
It is possible adding pictures on the rapport. You have to host the pictures before (ie: Here the kind on pictures that can be added :
  • Banner : Shown on the top of the rapport. You can put there your alliance banner.
  • Separator : Separate the different parts of the rapport
  • After battle : Picture shown before the battle result
  • Result : This picture will announce the result. Usually word "Result" is used
  • Consumption : This picture will announce the consumption. Usually word "Consumption" is used
  • Profitability : This picture will announce the profitability. Usually word "Profitability" is used
You can activate and desactivate pictures by checking boxes before.
3.5 Others
  • Buttons "Reset" and "Reset all" : Delete text in the rapport inputs.
  • Button "Save" : Save the options above. Next time you will come, you will found the saved options.
4. Results
This converter adds some elements to the original rapport :
  • Structure : Colors, separators, center, quote...
  • Possibility adding pictures.
  • Possibility adding smileys (already hosted)
  • Show the profitability with and without harvesting (attacker + defender)
  • Show the consumption of the attacker fleet
  • Take in account harvesting repports
This tool is based on the 0.78 version of OGame.